ECC 2019 rump session

Slides are now available from all speakers who agreed to make them available.

ECC 2019 rump session, Monday 2 December 2019
18:30Jan Jancar, Vladimir Sedlacek, Petr Svenda, Marek SysJan JancarMinerva: A Ladder has no Windows but can Still Leakslides
18:35F. Boudot, P. Gaudry, A. Guillevic, N. Heninger, E. Thomé, P. ZimmermannE. ThoméHolistic, Excellent, and Innovative approach to discreet logarithms and snpgbevfngvb ahzrebehzannouncement
18:41F. Boudot, P. Gaudry, A. Guillevic, N. Heninger, E. Thomé, P. ZimmermannAurore Guillevic1001 ways to fail a record computationslides
18:47Nikita KolesnikovNikita KolesnikovTowards generalization of SEA to hyperelliptic curvesslides
18:50Semen NovoselovSemen NovoselovPoint-counting on families of curves with geometrically split Jacobianslides
18:53Ben Smith and Craig CostelloBen SmithThe supersingular isogeny problem in genus g >= 2slides
19:00Ben SmithBen SmithPostdoc in Parisslides

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